• Nancy McClellan, President.....Guttenberg - 2021
  • Brandie Backes, Vice-President.....North Buena Vista - 2021
  • Duane Boelman, Treasurer.....McGregor - 2020
  • Jay Farmer.....Strawberry Point - 2021
  • Randy Lenth.....St. Olaf - 2021
  • Jennifer Cowsert.....Elkader - 2022
  • Nick Fettkether.....Volga - 2021
  • Tim Schlein.....Monona - 2022
  • Jane Christiansen.....Edgewood - 2022
  • Sindee Gohde, Executive Director.....McGregor

Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation (formerly known as Marquette Gaming Corporation) originally formed  in 1993 to meet the Iowa law requirement that riverboat casino licenses must be held by a qualified sponsoring organization. UMGC is the non-profit license holder for the riverboat casino, the Casino Queen located in Marquette, Iowa.

The Casino Queen Marquette is one of 2 properties whose corporate headquarters is located at East Riverfront St. Louis, 200 S. Front St., East St. Louis, IL  62201. The partnership created by UMGC as the non-profit license holder and the Casino Queen Marquette as the casino operator is a catalyst for grant awards presented annually to non-profits that are located in or benefit residents of Clayton County, Iowa.

UMGC is comprised of a nine member board of volunteers. To be eligible to serve on the UMGC Board, volunteers must have a vested interest in Clayton County through residency, property or business ownership, or other similar attribute.



Sindee R. Gohde - Executive Director


The business affairs are carried out by the part-time Executive Director, Sindee R. Gohde who has been with UMGC since August 20, 2008. Sindee currently lives in McGregor, IA.  She has lived and/or worked in Clayton County for 33 years.  Her love of the area and Clayton County has never changed. This makes it a pure joy for her to see and be a part of the funding made possible by the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation.

UMGC receives its funding from a .50 admission tax paid for each passenger who boards the Casino Queen Marquette. In addition to this fee the Casino Queen will be responsible for another $100,000 for 2017, again in 2018 and in 2019 the admission tax will be a straight 3.25% of the casino's AGR.  This revenue provides the funding UMGC needs to make grants available to qualified organizations. Going to a percentage means UMGC will be able to grant out a greater amount of money each year.  The Casino Queen has nothing to do with the UMGC granting process.   

Each year, grant applications are accepted by UMGC from non-profit organizations, government entities, and educational facilities. Requests may be for projects or programs in Clayton County or may be from outside the county if they can demonstrate a direct benefit to the residents of Clayton County.




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